Russian Terminator Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT (Meng TS-10)

1/35 scale kit. In the Chechen War in 1990s, Russian troops lacked effective covering fire and thus suffered great loss in urban battles. It becomes more and more important for countries to study how to combat effectively and avoid unnecessary casualties among the tall buildings in cities. The Russian “Terminator” fire support combat vehicle BMPT is developed for such a purpose. This high maneuverability multi-purpose tracked combat vehicle has powerful weapons and reliable armour protection. It is based on the chassis of the T-90A tank. Two 30mm automatic guns, one 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and one anti-tank missile system are mounted on the turret. Mounted on both fenders of the front hull are two 30mm grenade launchers; explosive reactive armour modules are fitted on the front and both sides of the hull; there are five crew members.

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Russian Terminator Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT (Meng TS-10)
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  • Item #: 1/35-TS-010
  • Manufacturer: Meng Models
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