I am a proud member of International Association od Firefighters (IAFF) Local #4553. I work 48 hour rotating shifts and it may be a full calander day or two before I respond to your order/email requests. All IAFF brothers and their immediate family will receive an additional 10% off their purchase. Email your local number in contact us link and I will forward a coupon code for your use when placing an order.

I have been building models since the age of 5 and enjoy the hobby with a passion which is why I decided to open this business and serve you, my fellow modeling friends. I am a member of Kitmaker Network which includes Aeroscale.co.uk and Armorama.com I also participate in regional IPMS contests

My mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to my customers at the lowest prices possible. I take great pride in my company, the commitment to customer service and in the products I sell. The online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

[A], What are your shipping & handling charges & how are they calculated?

This is covered under terms and conditions (bottom of the webpage). Rates are calculated using Unites States Postal service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS) rate calculators. During the checkout process you choose which shipping carrier and option you prefer (rates are displayed for each) based on recorded weight of each kit purchased. JAC Hobbies does not charge a separate handling fee. We do plan to add Fed-Ex to shipping options prior to the end of the year. 

[B]. What does "credit card through Paypal" mean & how does it work? 

When you are ready to purchase items you selected in the shopping cart proceed to ‘Checkout’ during this process you will be asked information for shipping address and contact information. The third part is payment options (Pay-pal, Print and call) If you choose Pay-pal you will be directed to Pay-pal website where you enter your C. Card information through their secure server and use the card like any other transaction (FYI Pay-pal does not allow use of gift cards). If you have a pay-pal account you can simply pay using your account information already on file through Pay-pal. JAC Hobbies does not store any financial information from its customers. JAC Hobbies also accepts Money Orders and Cashier or personal checks from customers (Print and call option). 

 [C]. How often is your site updated as to in store stock? 

Everything you see is in real time. If an item is listed as’ In stock’ that means we have a minimum of one (1) item on the shelf. If it says ‘Back Ordered’ it means we have placed an order through our distributors to re-stock this item. When items arrive from distributors it may take up to two (2) days to enter or update all required entries.

 [D]. How soon are orders shipped?

JAC Hobbies goal is to ship in stock orders within two (2) days of the order being placed 90% of the time. Conditions that delay shipping such as back ordered items, holidays, weekends will be sent at the next available opportunity. Delays in orders are also forwarded to customers by email or phone to inform them.

[E]. How are back orders handled?

Back orders are filled as they become available from distributors. The time frame can vary from a week to months. Some items may be discontinued by manufacturers and the supply just dries up. When that occurs JAC Hobbies notifies the customer by email or phone to give them the option of full or partial (if other items are in stock) refund. We also can attempt to acquire a discontinued item through the second hand market if the customer asks.

[F]. Why not put answers to these questions ([A] through [E], above) on your web site where they can be easily found?

There is a limit to the amount of information that can be entered into any given field, even product descriptions. So I try to list the most reverent information that customers want. I do evaluate and adjust store content as the business evolves. Customer service is my priority