PLAAF J-10B Vigorous Dragon (Trumpeter 2848)

1/48 scale kit consisting of 275 parts including P.E. The kit is a later version mounting a Infrared sensor and laser rangefinder. The kit detail is good and comes with a variety of armament including 6 different missiles, bombs and auxillary fuel tank. MSRP 57.95, your cost 40.00

  • Price: $40.00

Shenyang FT-6 Trainer (Trumpeter 02813)

Shenyang FT-6 Trainer (Trumpeter 02813)

1/48 kit consisting of 187 parts. Supersonic 2 seat trainer version of the MIG 19. The kit has decent detail for the exterior and cockpit. Decals for two aircraft out of production MSRP 57.95, your cost 35.00

  • Price: $35.00