Fi156C Criquet 'Armee De L 'Air' (Hasegawa 08149)

The Storch was an important STOL reconnaissance and liaison aircraft operated by the Luftwaffe during World War 11. It was built in a number of sub-variants including the Fi.156C-1 staff transport and liaison aircraft; the Fi.156C-2 ambulance aircraft, and the Fi.156C-3 utility transport. During the war it was also built by Mraz(150* built) in Czechoslovakia and by Morane-Saulnier(784 built) in France. Both of these companies continued to build the type after the war as the Mraz K-65 Cap and the Morane-Saulnier MS 502 Criquet. About 20 remain airworthy including Criquets and Caps.

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Fi156C Criquet 'Armee De L 'Air' (Hasegawa 08149)
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