Gebirsjager Crete 1941 (DML 6742)

MSRP 19.95, you cost 15.00 1/35 scale kit consisting of 50 parts. set features four Gebirgsjäger soldiers from the Battle of Crete. The soldiers are sharply molded and their uniforms and personal equipment are accurately depicted. To suit them for summer combat in the Mediterranean, they are all wearing cotton shorts instead of their usual battledress. These shorts give the soldiers a unique appearance. On their heads are distinctive caps with the edelweiss emblem, while their feet are shod in typical mountain boots. They carry a complement of light weapons such as Kar98k rifles and an MP40 submachine gun. The poses of these Gebirgsjäger are lifelike, with two taking a brief rest from combat, while another two prepare to move further over the rough terrain. 

MSRP 19.95, your cost 15.00

Gebirsjager Crete 1941 (DML 6742)
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  • Item #: 1/35-6742
  • Manufacturer: DRAGON (DML)
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