Israeli Air Force Kfir C2/C7 (Kinetic 48046)

1/48 scale kit consisting of 210 parts, no P.E. is included. The kit has fine recessed panel line and scribing detail. The kit can be built as two separate versions and comes with different nose cones, laser designator, parts to complete to different cockpits including the ejection seat. Wheel wells have minimal detail (Need hydraulic lines which is an easy add on even for beginers). Landing gear has good detail. Air cooling scoops are hollowed out andthere is full air duct to the engine fan blades. Ordinance includes Mk.82 Snakeyes, CBU Cluster Bombs and Griffin LGB. Two python air to air missiles are also included as are twoexternal drop tanks. Marking for five aircraft.

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Israeli Air Force Kfir C2/C7 (Kinetic 48046)
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  • Item #: 48-48046
  • Manufacturer: Kinetic Models
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