F-35B Lightning II (Kittyhawk 80102)

1/48 scale kit consisting of approx. 180 parts. No photo etch. The kit is the only production version of the F-35 available to and the only kit of the STOVL version. The kit has nice sharp exterior detail to capture the complex shapes of the airframe skin. Detailed Pratt & Whitney F135 engine with afterburner nozzle (normal and VTOL), full intake trunks and upper auxiliary intake with front lift fan and exhaust ducts. Cockpit detail is very good (Remember there is no H.U.D. thats part of the flight helmet display). Canopy can be modeled open or closed. Positionable wing leading edge flaps and trailing edge flaperons. Weapons bays are structurally detailed but lack mounting rails or racks for ordinance. Optional underwing ordinance racks. Two sidewinder and two Sparrow Missiles included. No bombs or ATG Missiles included.

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F-35B Lightning II (Kittyhawk 80102)
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  • Item #: 1/48-80102
  • Manufacturer: KittyHawk
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