M46 Patton Tank w/G.I. Pusan Perimeter 1950 (Cyberhobby 9147)

1/35 scale kit consisting of 500 parts including four figures. Cyber-Hobby has put together the perfect combination to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the ending of the Korean War. The Orange Box set includes a 1/35 M46 Patton as well as GIs fighting in the early part of the war. The tank is extremely well detailed, despite it being originally released some time ago. One remarkable thing about the tank is the colorful markings, which include tiger stripes, fanged teeth and claws. Such markings were designed to frighten superstitious North Koreans. The US Army figures are in action poses, wearing correctly detailed uniforms and weapons. The four GIs combine well with the armored vehicle to produce an atmospheric diorama.

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M46 Patton Tank w/G.I. Pusan Perimeter 1950 (Cyberhobby 9147)
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  • Item #: 1/35-9147
  • Manufacturer: Cyberhobby/DML
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