IDF Shot Kal Gimmel 1982 (AFV Club 35267)

1/35 scale kit including P.E. The latest incantation of the great line of Centurion kits from AFV Club brings modelers new tooling of reactive armor and smoke dischargers, new commanders cupola, exhaust and gun barrel transport lock, metal gun barrel w/rifling, realistic and paintable rubber outer rim tires w/ circumferential ribbing on inside rim, new tooled M1919 .30 cal mg, FN MAG58 mg, Uzi submachine gun, Gail Assault Rifle and mortar included. Dust cover for smoke dischargers and barrel, rubber gun shield cover, new tooled ammo boxes, stretcher, fire extinguishers, DS2 decon apparatus.

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IDF Shot Kal Gimmel 1982 (AFV Club 35267)
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  • Item #: 1/35-35267
  • Manufacturer: AFV CLUB
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