AMX30B2 French Main Battle Tank (Meng TS13)

This 1/35 scale TS-013 French AMX-30B2 MBT plastic model kit is 271mm in total length and 96mm in width. The model realistically represented the cast turret and partial turret interior; the main gun and 20mm autocannon can elevate independently; the hatch on commander cupola can rotate in 360 degrees; realistic running gear parts on the chassis and torsion bar suspension are movable; workable track links are easy to assemble with the assembly jig. The kit is comprised of 14 sprues and 2 PE frets.

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AMX30B2 French Main Battle Tank (Meng TS13)
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  • Item #: 1/35-TS13
  • Manufacturer: Meng Models
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