M3A3 Bradley US Cavalry Fighting Vehicle w/Busk III (Meng SS006)

M3A3 CFV, the latest U.S. digital cavalry fighting vehicle, is mainly used for scouting and fire-supporting; it shares the same power system and weapons system with M2A3; it’s also equipped with the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) Battlefield Command Information System and Bradley Urban Survivability Kits (BUSK). It has strong survivability and informatization combat capabilities. The differences from M2A3 include: ten TOW anti-tank missiles can be stored in the passenger compartment; a new top-mounted missile reload hatch with periscopes is used.

This SS-006 1/35 scale U.S. Cavalry Fighting Vehicle M3A3 Bradley w/BUSK III model is 203.5mm long and 107.3mm wide. The model accurately realized the exterior and details of the real vehicle; all crew and passenger hatches are movable; the vehicle can be modeled with/without add-on armor; TOW anti-tank missile launcher can be built in folded or firing position with/without missiles. A whole set of modern U.S. military vehicle antenna system is included. The kit is comprised of 14 sprues, 2 PE frets, and rubber and metal parts.

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M3A3 Bradley US Cavalry Fighting Vehicle w/Busk III (Meng SS006)
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  • Item #: 1/35-SS-006
  • Manufacturer: Meng Models
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