75mm Pack Howitzer & Gun Crew British Airborne (Bronco 35173)

1/35 scale kit consisting of 190 parts including P.E. The M1 75mm Pack Howitzer was developed for the US Army after WWI, as a go-anywhere light artillery piece. It was designed to be broken down into several pieces that could be carried by pack mules. The first weapons were issued in 1927 and had wooden wheels, later versions had improved carriages with metal wheels and pneumatic tires culminating in the M8 carriage used in WWII. The M1A1 made an excellent airborne artillery piece as it could be transported complete in a glider or broken down and dropped by parachute. The British received 826 M1A1 Pack Howitzers most going to airborne units. In British service it was often towed behind a modified Jeep and small trailer which carried ammunition, all being carried in Horsa gliders. This highly detailed kit comes with five figures and even has decals for their uniforms.

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75mm Pack Howitzer & Gun Crew British Airborne (Bronco 35173)
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  • Manufacturer: Bronco Models
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