OV-10D Bronco (Kitty Hawk Models 32003)

1/32 scale kit consisting of 350 + parts including P.E. The kit features nicely detailed front and rear cockpits, ejection seats, instrument panels, positionable crew entry doors, rear compartment with structural details, positionable rear compartment door with avionics rack, positionable sponson access doors, sponson gun bays have two M60 machine guns in each bay plus ammo feeds, two detailed Garrett T76 engines, positionable nacelle access doors, detailed landing gear, weighted landing gear wheels, positionable flaps, flaperons, spoilers and elevator. Also includes extensive external stores: 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder (choice of AIM-9B or AIM-9L seeker heads), 2 x 68 gallon external fuel tanks, 2 x 34 gallon external fuel tanks, 2 x four-shot Zuni rocket pods, 2 x seven-shot rocket pods, 2 x Mk.82 500lb slicks and 2 x Mk.82 500lb Snakeye. Also includes photo-etch seatbelts. Decals and painting guide for 4 aircraft: OV-10D, 155498, VMO-4, MU/511; OV-10D, 155468, VMO-2, UU/21; OV-10D, 155472, VAL-4, UM/107 and OV-10D, 155479, VMO-2, UU/753.

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OV-10D Bronco (Kitty Hawk Models 32003)
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  • Item #: 32-32003
  • Manufacturer: KittyHawk
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