Mirage IIIE (Kinetic Models 48050)

1/48 scale kit consisting of parts. The kit has nice recessed panel lines, detailed landing gear, good jet intakes, parts options for Mirage IIIE, IIIEA, IIIO, IIIR, IIIRD. Detailed cockpit anf ejection seat,positionable flaps open/closed air brake. AIM-9B Matra 550 missiles, RP30 -1700l drop tank, Matra JL-100 rocket pod, LAU-2 rocket pod RP19R supersonic fuel tank, Matra RPK10 bomb lanching fuel tank with Mk.82 bombs. Decals for three french , one Austrailian and one Spanish aircraft. 

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Mirage IIIE (Kinetic Models 48050)
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  • Item #: 1/48-48050
  • Manufacturer: Kinetic Models
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