C2/C7 Israeli Air Force KFIR C2/C7 (Kinetic 48046)

1/48 scale kit consisting of 180 parts. The kit has nice recessed surface detail. two separate cockpits and ejection seats for either the C2 or C7 versions. Full air intake duct and detailed J79 nozzle, detailed main landing gear bays, open/closed main wing airbrake, positionale wing flaps, clear parts include landin g gear lamps and HUD. Armament includes Python 3 AA Missile, Mk82 and Mk80 bombs, Griffon LGB, and laser designator. Decals for five IAF aircraft.

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C2/C7 Israeli Air Force KFIR C2/C7 (Kinetic 48046)
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  • Item #: 48046
  • Manufacturer: Kinetic Models
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