Hawker Sea Fury FB.II (Airfix A06105)

The fantastic new 1/48th Scale Hawker Sea Fury FB.ll (A06105) will feature the impressive detail levels associated with this slightly larger scale of model and will incorporate a number of interesting build options for the modeller to consider. Along with the usual flying and static model configurations available to modellers, the new Sea Fury kit will include the option to have the wings folded for ease of operation on board an aircraft carrier, a feature unique to naval aircraft. The rigors of operation from carrier decks dictated that many naval aircraft were almost over engineered, with components required to be much tougher than would usually be the case with land based aircraft. The use of extremely robust undercarriage legs, arrester hooks and catapult spools were all features of naval aircraft, all of which have been faithfully reproduced on this beautiful kit. From the computer rendered 3D images shown above, you will also notice that the Sea Fury kit also includes a variety of stores options to be fitted to the model, allowing some extremely interesting models to be built. To supplement the effective 20mm cannon armament of the interceptor variant of the aircraft, the Sea Fury could also be used in a ground attack role and was able to carry up to 2,000lb of bombs, or a maximum of twelve 3-inch rocket projectiles. It could also carry a pair of 90 gallon drop tanks, or an underwing camera pod when employed on photographic reconnaissance duties, all of which are available with this impressive new kit. Perhaps the most interesting part option is the inclusion of a Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) pack, which was attached the underside of the rear fuselage and provided a welcome thrust boost for heavily armed Sea Furys trying to take off from the relatively short decks of British Aircraft carriers. All these interesting stores options will be included with the release of this kit. 

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Hawker Sea Fury FB.II (Airfix A06105)
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  • Item #: 1/48-A06105
  • Manufacturer: Airfix
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