Ilyusin IL-28 Beagle Bomber (Trumpeter 01604)

1/72 scale kit consisting of parts. The model has recessed surface detail. The cockpit is basic but comes with two seated figures and the canopy can be posed open. The Bombadiers position has no detail but with the nose frame it's not very noticable. The aircraft has complete bomb bay and comes with 4 nuke bombs and 4 conventional bombs. Wing tip tanks are also provided. Landing gear is simple and nose gear does not have a bay like the wing mounted gear. The rear tail gunner access door can be posed open but there is no internal detail provided around the door. It is the best IL-28 kit currently produced. 

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Ilyusin IL-28 Beagle Bomber (Trumpeter 01604)
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  • Item #: 1/72-01604
  • Manufacturer: Trumpeter
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