M2A1 Half Track (DML 6329)

1/35 kit consisting of 330 parts. More information follows on this superb offering in U.S. Armor.


- winch assembly especially for M2A1
- front roller specifically for M2
- two types of headlights with corresponding light guards
- armored front grill can be modeled in two modes; bonus individual photo-etched slates for the open mode
- engine hood with detailed bolt and hinges
- front window armor can be assembled open/closed; includes finely molded struts
- photo-etched visors for armored window covers
- detailed cab doors with interior details
- top half of cab doors can be assembled in swung-down position
- photo-etched windshield wipers in fine details
- engine complete with radiator and oil sump
- front windshield made with clear parts
- front hook mount is reproduced by photo-etched part
- jerry cans with delicate strap details
- sharply reproduced on-vehicle tools

Fighting Compartment:

- side armor of body with realistic bolts and details
- one-piece internal skate rail for M2
- M2 fighting compartment arrangement is accurately reproduced
- one-piece external mine rack with built-in mines for M2A1
- M2A1 compartment arrangement accurately modeled with internal radio details
- M49 armored ring mount for M2A1
- MG rail mount is finely produced
- detailed dashboard instrument panel
- delicate steering wheel and controls
- interior fuel tank with cap
- two types of antenna mount for M2 and M2A1 respectively


- .50-cal MG mount is mounted to side with photo-etched strap
- rear tow hook is fully detailed
- rear mud flaps made from photo-etched parts

Tires and Tracks:

- tires intentionally shaped to mimic bulging caused by a heavy load
- hubcaps with superb details
- first kit ever to have accurate rubber track modeled with center guide band
- super-detailed multi-direction slide-molded sprocket wheels
- multi-direction slide-molded idler wheels are superbly reproduced
- bogie assembly with internal spring detail
- spring suspension is reproduced well
- road wheels with crisp details


- one-piece chassis frame with correct details
- full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units
- differential housing comes with bolt and rib details
- slide-molded wheel couplings
- steering mechanism in full detail
- one-piece exhaust and muffler
- dual drive train w/ disc brake assembly

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M2A1 Half Track (DML 6329)
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  • Item #: 1/35-6329
  • Manufacturer: DRAGON (DML)
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