M1132 Stryker Engineer Vehicle with Mine Plow (Trumpeter 01575)

1/35 scale kit consisting of 923 parts. It builds apon earlier released versions with greater detailed exterior. The real gem is detailed mine plow that can be positioned as a straight blade and angled to one side or a V pattern. The Engineer Support Vehicle [ESV], one of eight variants of the Stryker family, has the same power as the Stryker infantry carrier vehicle, making it easier for engineers to keep pace. Like other Strykers, it's equipped with two Javelin missiles and a .50-caliber remote weapon station that allows the gunner to fire from inside the vehicle. It also comes equipped with a video camera, allowing the driver to see what's going on outside the vehicle. Additionally, the squad leader has a touch-screen display that allows him to see what both the gunner and driver see. 

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M1132 Stryker Engineer Vehicle with Mine Plow (Trumpeter 01575)
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  • Item #: 1/35-01575
  • Manufacturer: Trumpeter
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